About us

About Emendis

Emendis was conceptualized more than 20 years ago from an attic room. The existing software solutions had and still have so many drawbacks that, from our perception, there had to be a better way to optimise businesses.

Emendis has grown into an international organisation with reputability. With one Dutch and three foreign offices, more than 100 people work daily on software solutions based on the Emendis Blueprint.


Vision of Emendis

Emendis believes that software should make (business) life easier. Repetitive operations should be automated as much as possible so that error-prone human intervention can be avoided where necessary. This allows software to be used optimally and people to be deployed where they really add value.

The working method of Emendis

At all times, Emendis will ensure that the desired process is seamlessly integrated into a software solution. Companies do not have to adapt to the software; we develop the software based on the business process.

Here software quality, safety, and maintainability are paramount. We remotely monitor the software 24/7 for performance and operation, allowing our customers to focus on their primary business process.

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