Our technology

Our technology

Emendis Blueprint Software

Emendis has developed its own Blueprint software. This offers a structured and standardised way of working. This results in many advantages when creating new systems or expanding existing software systems.
The Emendis Blueprint consists of a wide range of reusable, contemporary components. All components in the Blueprint have been put together with care and ensure a uniform, contemporary look.

Emendis Blueprint Software development

The benefits

What are the advantages of developing with Emendis blueprint software?

Develop faster

The basic structure of the Emendis Blueprint is already figured out and consists of a large set of useful functionalities. This enables efficient working, saving as much as 50% of development time.

Complete modules

The Emendis Blueprint offers a set of standard modules, which is constantly being extended with new modules. These modules can be customized and integrated directly into your software system.

Secure software

Your software is safe because the basis of the Emendis Blueprint is constantly subjected to pen testing and security updates. This prevents your valuable data from being compromised.

What modules are included in the Blueprint?

View some of our modules here

CRUD & Index

Standardised CRUD (create, read, update, delete) and index functionalities that reduce their creation to a simple action. Lists of entities are automatically searchable and filterable.


This functionality allows multiple customers to work, separately from each other, in the same system. By default, tenants do not have access to each other’s data and functionalities.

Roles & Permissions

Per tenant, roles and associated permissions can be managed. This ensures that tenants themselves can manage which users can use which functionalities.


The Emendis Blueprint supports multiple languages, which are manageable per tenant. If deviating from the standard, translations can be implemented per language.


BaseData makes it easy to manage lists (products, groups, statuses, etc.) per tenant. The lists are translatable and can therefore be used very widely and managed simply.


With this module, it is possible to create data links and thereby exchange different types of data, including imports from Excel, exports to external APIs and so on.

Other features

Besides the aforementioned Blueprint modules, there are plenty of other options available. Consider:

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