5 tips: Generate new leads with an eye-catching newsletter 

5 tips: Generate new leads with an eye-catching newsletter 

Email is still a popular communication method for generating leads. How can you make the most of it? Read these 5 practical tips. 

Despite the rise of many other online marketing tools and social media, email remains an effective communication method for generating leads and engaging existing customers with your brand. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Blinkers’s National Email Survey shows that the Dutch receive an average of 79 emails per week. How can you make your email stand out? 

Tip 1: Provide subscription forms

It sounds simple, but many companies overlook it. If you send newsletters, put subscription forms on your website. The newsletter page is not the only place where the subscription form should appear. Consider locations such as: 

  • The sidebar of your website 
  • A standard place at the bottom of your news or blog posts 
  • Your download page 

The more subscription forms you place, the greater the chance of a high response rate. Earlier this year, Frankwatching published an article with 10 tips for getting more subscriptions.

Tip 2: Use a catchy subject line

Which newsletters do you open? To stand out among the 79 emails the average Dutch person receives, a catchy subject line can make the difference in between your email being opened or not. Be relevant, describe the content of your mailing, but keep it short. 

Note: The subject line should match the content of your newsletter or email. If it doesn’t, there is a high risk of disappointment and it will be difficult to convert your subscriber later. 

Tip 3: Keep articles short

If you have a lot of new updates, it can be tempting to include everything in your newsletter. If possible, let your subscribers choose whether they want to read the whole article, and do not include more than necessary. After all, the full article is available on your website or blog! 

Tip 4: Consider timing

Do you know that the majority of your target audience is watching a particular TV show? Then it’s not wise to send your newsletter at 8pm on a weeknight. If you work primarily with a B2B audience, it may be worth sending mailings during office hours.

It’s best to test different times to find out what works best for your organization.

Tip 5: Use a call to action

You probably have a specific goal in mind for your mailing. Do you want them to read a blog further on your website? Make a purchase from your webshop? Or leave a comment? Be clear about your call to actions. That way your reader knows what to expect. A button that says ‘Leave your comment’ is much clearer than ‘click here’.

Keep Experimenting

When it comes to email marketing, it’s important to keep experimenting and analysing your mailings. This will help you to gain new insights and make your email even more relevant to your target audience. In Emendis’ mailing software, you have the option to view ready-made reports of a newsletter under the ‘Statistics’ section.

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