A Planning App: An effective scheduling solution for your staff 

A Planning App: An effective scheduling solution for your staff 

Do you need a planning app to efficiently schedule your staff, machines and vehicles? Then we have the solution for you! Emendis’ Planning App is specifically designed to completely digitalise and optimise your workforce planning. 

Work scheduling is a specialised task. All your employees need to be at the right place at the right time, preferably with the right machinery or equipment. The Emendis Planning App is here to help! 

If your company has between 25 and 100 employees, scheduling people, machines, materials, and tasks can be a big challenge. Especially when you have to take intp account holidays, sickness, and irregular working hours. Luckily, our Planning App makes it easy for you! 

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How does the Planning App work

  • With the Emendis Planning App you can easily create or import new tasks.
  • You can assign these tasks directly to employees. The Planning App takes into account their roles, fixed teams, and personal equipment. In addition, you will receive a warning if you schedule employees who are not present at that time.
  • You can add machines, tools, or logistical resources to the scheduled tasks if required.  
  • Your employees can request days off through the system and you can them approve through the system. 
  • Changing scheduled people, resources, or tasks is easy: you can drag them to the right place in the overview or click to edit. 
  • All scheduled tasks are conveniently accessible via (personal) dashboards on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This way, your employees always know what tasks are scheduled and what they need to complete them. 

“All scheduled tasks immediately visible on the mobile phone or tablet.”

Cafeteria Overview

Another useful feature is the cafeteria overview. You can project this overview in the cafeteria, break room, or another central location. 

You can see at a glance what needs to happen that day and where everyone is expected top be. There is also space for additional daily announcements via a lighted sign. 

Tailored Planning App

Every business is different. We learned this when we developed the Planning App specifically for landscaping companies. But in your company, there are tasks, resources, and people that differ from the standard. Fortunately, the Emendis Planning App can be customised to suit your needs. 

Benefits of the Emendis Planning App

Emendis’ flexible software package allows you to plan your workforce quickly and intelligently. The system is a perfect partner for workforce planning! You can plan ahead easily and everyone in the company is aware of their tasks.

Emendis understands that your employees are valuable to the organisation. The web application involves them directly in the planning, which can have a positive effect on motivation and the working atmosphere – because our Planning App involves everyone! Employees have the schedule at their fingertips wherever they are.

Emendis’ reports help you stay informed about all critical aspects of your company. You can see how many people are working in each department, what their tasks are, when they are on holiday, which machines are on which job and which vehicle they are using. All critical insight in one digital environment.

Can we help you develop a Planning App?

Do you have ideas for developing a Planning App or are you looking for ways to optimise your business through customised software? We’d be happy to brainstorm with you. In addition to creating a Planning App, we also develop mobile applications and web-based software and can create integrations with the Internet of Things. In short, for all your automation needs, you can turn to Emendis! 

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