All data collected in a personal MyEnvironment 

All data collected in a personal MyEnvironment 

Do you have frequent interactions with your clients? Are emails flying back and forth? Then a MyEnvironment could be for you. With a personal and secure login area, you can communicate clearly and efficiently with your clients. 

Clear communication is essential. When discussing complex issues with your client, it’s helpful if both parties are fully informed and aware of what’s going on. 

The benefits of a MyEnvironment

A MyEnvironment is a convenient platform for two-way communication: all client issues are neatly organised in one overview. But there are even more advantages:

  • Fewer emails: better management of your inbox 
  • Sensitive communication through a secure login 
  • Easy uploading and downloading of large files 
  • Clear layout of ongoing matters 
  • Easy prioritisation of issues 

Are you considering developing a MyEnvironment for your company or organisation?
We are happy to help you develop your corporate MyEnvironment!

Suitable for large and small businesses

Do you have an SME business? Then a MyEnvironment could also be an option for you.

A simple protected area on your website can quickly save you time and lead to more satisfied customers. Ultimately, it pays off quickly: you save valuable time by having a single point of communication.

“The MyEnvironments we have built so far stand out for their clear, logical structure, ease of use, and beautiful design.”

Can we help you with the development of your MyEnvironment?

Do you have ideas for developing a MyEnvironment or are you looking for ways to optimise your business? We are happy to brainstorm with you. In addition to creating a MyEnvironment, we also develop mobile applications and web-based software and can create connections with the Internet of Things. In short, for all your automation questions, you can turn to Emendis!” 

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