Customized workforce planning: Simplify employee scheduling 

Customized workforce planning: Simplify employee scheduling 

Are you looking for a workforce planning software that makes it easy to plan your workforce? Let us to introduce you to our planning software, which allows you to effortlessly plan your staff and resources. 

A well-functioning schedule is the foundation of almost every department. If one of your employees wants time off, it’s nice to know with a click of a button whether they’re available or not. Staff planning gives you a complete overview of ongoing projects, deadlines, employees, tools, and machines – everything you need! 

Easier staff scheduling

Creating a staff schedule can be a challenging task. We find that many companies create their staff schedules in Excel. While this is a good solution, it can be time consuming and error prone. In collaboration with some of our customers, we have developed a software solution to this problem. Generate a report of working hours, track when your vehicles need maintenance, and receive notifications when scheduling conflicts arise. Take control of your schedule with the Emendis Planning App! Digitise and optimise business processes for easy staff planning.

Creating staff schedules

How does it work? You add your employees and/or machines with their relevant information (working hours, role, etc.). You can also schedule fixed days off. This information only needs to be entered once. Next, you can create projects and enrich them with information such as the team leader, category, start and end dates, and recurring frequency. You link your employees to the projects. This gives you an instant overview of whether there is room for a holiday request or a new project. 

Are you considering implementing a Planning App for your company or organisation?
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Planning with a planning system

Easily create a clear employee schedule with our planning system. Our planning system is specially designed for companies that need to plan staff, tools, machines, and possibly vehicles. Scheduling staff with Emendis is incredibly easy, and everyone knows where they stand. 

Do you currently have a staff schedule in Excel?

If you currently use Excel for your schedule, you can easily choose to convert it into a schedule in our software. If you want to continue using Excel for scheduling, request a free demo to see what Emendis can do for your organisation. Many companies have already made the switch. 

Our software system offers more extensive features specifically designed for staff scheduling. In addition, our software allows you to systematically plan tools, machines, and vehicles for a clear overview. 

Staff planning application

Your schedule is accessible in a web application that is always available and visible to everyone. Our staff scheduling is web-based, so all you need is a browser and an internet connection to use your own online environment.

Different planning overviews

You can create a schedule by day, by week, and by month. You can also create a schedule for the machines and other equipment used. You can also track the status of machines and know exactly when each machine needs maintenance.

The cafeteria overview shows employees in the morning where they need to work that day, what machines they need to bring, who they are working with and timings of the project. It is also useful for payroll administration. You can immediately see who the team leader is, and data is tracked for each employee. This saves time, and time is of the essence.

Customised staff planning

Initially developed for landscaping companies, our planning was a success! Various companies are now using the planning tool and are also very enthusiastic. We can also customise this tool for you as well, giving you a workforce planning that works best for your business.

Curious about the possibilities of a customised workforce planning?
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Can we help you develop your Planning application?

Are you interested in a customised workforce planning or looking for ways to optimise your business? We would be happy to brainstorm with you. In addition to offering a planning application, we also develop mobile applications, web-based software and can integrate with the Internet of Things. In short, for all your automation needs, you can rely on Emendis! 

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