De Mooij Amsterdam launches its own ERP system ‘Fresh Vision’

De Mooij Amsterdam launches its own ERP system ‘Fresh Vision’

De Mooij Amsterdam has chosen to have its own ERP system developed to optimise internal processes. Last week, its IT partner Emendis from Veenendaal successfully delivered this custom software solution.

Problem statement

De Mooij Amsterdam processes large volumes of data relating to the buying and selling prices of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. The purchase and sales prices are determined and processed every day. For De Mooij Amsterdam, it is important to continuously respond to changes in the market.


Together with its IT partner Emendis, De Mooij Amsterdam concluded that these unique business processes could not be facilitated by standard software. Together, they decided to develop a custom software solution.


Fresh Vision is a future-proof and secure ERP system that helps automate and digitise business processes at de Mooij Amsterdam. Important functionalities from the old software solution have been expanded and modernised so that de Mooij Amsterdam can organise commercial activities more efficiently. Fresh Vision is ‘web-based’, meaning there is access to the software anytime, anywhere.

“Digitisation in the AGF sector is moving very fast. To keep working efficiently and sustainably, investing in custom-made software is necessary.”

– Danny de Mooij, de Mooij Amsterdam

​​De Mooij Amsterdam

Since 1946, de Mooij Amsterdam has specialised in the world of fruit and vegetables. From its location at the Food Center Amsterdam, de Mooij Amsterdam operates as an importer/exporter. They export within and outside Europe.


Emendis develops customised software solutions that contribute to automating, modernising and optimising business processes. Specialising in various markets, Emendis works with more than 100 specialist customers from offices in the Netherlands, Moldova, Lithuania and South Africa.

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