Organise business events with Event Management Software 

Organise business events with Event Management Software 

Anyone who regularly organises business events knows how much is involved. Emendis has developed EventComplete: a comprehensive tool that takes care of all the tasks for you while allowing you to maintain tight control.

A complete solution for event management

As an organiser or event manager, you want to know exactly who your account managers or employees are inviting, what they are sending and when. EventComplete helps you get this overview without spending extra time. In addition, EventComplete has more advantages, such as:

  • Your employees can easily send invitations, tickets, newsletters, and regular emails through EventComplete.
  • You can create an easy-to-navigate web page for the event where customers and prospects can register, view the programme, and download whitepapers.
  • The very comprehensive schedule can be timed by yourself, ensuring you don’t forget anything and still maintain control.
  • In EventComplete, you can measure interaction, register guests, dietary preferences, parking spaces, and occupancy rates.
  • You can even order badges, posters, and programmes from EventComplete.
  • After the event, you can easily send out surveys, view statistics, and report the results.
  • Even the after-sales process can be easily managed using data from EventComplete.

All communications in your corporate identity

All communication is correct, in the desired corporate identity and tailored to each customer. Emendis has already developed this tool for KPN’s corporate events.

“Everything at the right time, in the right design, and according to a predefined protocol.”

User-friendly software

Our event management software takes care of all communication around business events for you and your employees. The software is easy to use, accessible 24/7 in the cloud, and has a pleasant, clean design.

Can we help you with your Event Management Software?

Do you have ideas for developing a complete event management solution or are you looking for ways to optimise your business? We’d be happy to brainstorm with you. In addition to creating Event Management Software, we also develop mobile applications and web-based software and can create integrations with the Internet of Things. In short, for all your automation needs, you can turn to Emendis! 

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