At Emendis, you can hire developers or an entire development team remotely. Our developers help companies with their software challenges. At Emendis, we specialise in developing secure and user-friendly software. You can make use of our knowledge and expertise by hiring our developers or teams and deploying them for your organisation. Our developers work from the Netherlands, Lithuania, Moldova, and South Africa.

You can hire our own highly skilled, Dutch/English-speaking developer(s) directly. They can work for you remotely. Each project requires a unique approach to knowledge, expertise, and specialisations. Together with you, we look for a solution that meets your needs. Our dedicated teams can be deployed on short and long-term projects.

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We understand that every software project is unique and requires different qualities and capabilities. Together with you, we review your needs and requirements so that you are offered a tailor-made solution. This team can consist of; Front-end developers, back-end developers, UX/UI, QA Testers, and/or a project manager.

Emendis supplies professionals when you need extra development capacity. We can (temporarily) provide your existing teams with extra knowledge and experience. If you do not have your own development team, you can even hire a custom-made team of professionals from us. Then you can always remain in control.

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