The 5 most common pitfalls in software development 

The 5 most common pitfalls in software development 

Software should make your life easier, not harder. Software should make money for you as a business owner, not cost you money. Why is the reality often so different? The five most common pitfalls. 

Emendis loves software that saves you money and time. Ease of use is our top priority in all our projects. We like to keep it simple: after all, software should help you, and using it should not take up a lot of your time. That is why we try to avoid the following five pitfalls: 

  • Making software unnecessarily complex 
  • Software ends up costing more than it delivers 
  • Software solves problems that didn’t exist in the first place 
  • Software that doesn’t communicate with other software 
  • Software doesn’t add value 

Our software should save you money and time as a business owner and add value to your business. 

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