The Emendis Blueprint: Transforming with Hybrid Low-Code 

The Emendis Blueprint: Transforming with Hybrid Low-Code 

In today’s business environment, the ability to quickly and agilely develop software solutions is crucial. This is where “hybrid low-code” development comes into play, and the Emendis Blueprint has embraced this approach. With a deep understanding of low-code technologies and hybrid approaches, the Emendis Blueprint enables organisations to develop unique software faster. 

What is low-code development? 

Before we dive into the innovations of the Emendis Blueprint, let’s first understand what low-code development is. Low-code development is an approach where software applications are built with minimal manual coding. Instead of writing code from scratch, a low-code platform allows developers to use pre-built modules to efficiently assemble applications. This approach significantly speeds up the development process. 

The power of hybrid low-code  

The Emendis Blueprint goes beyond conventional low-code development by embracing a hybrid approach. This hybrid approach combines low-code development with traditional coding. This means that organisations can benefit from the speed and efficiency of low-code, while still having the freedom to add manual code when required. For companies with complex requirements and unique business processes, hybrid low-code provides the versatility they need. 

Integration and future-proofing 

Another strength of the Emendis Blueprint is its seamless integration it offers with Emendis Connect. Connect provides an integration platform to connect with existing systems and data sources, as well as supporting custom integrations through traditional code. This allows companies to maintain and optimise their existing IT infrastructure while taking advantage of the benefits of low-code development. 


Combining the power of low-code with the adaptability of traditional code, Emendis offers a unique solution for modern software development. With an intuitive interface, robust integration capabilities, and scalability, the Emendis Blueprint paves the way for the future of application development. In a world where speed and flexibility are essential, hybrid low-code is ready to help organisations realise their digital transformation. 

Download our whitepaper here for a deeper dive into the Emendis Blueprint.  

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