Modern Dental

An ERP system for Modern Dental Europe

Digitising a business process

Modern Dental Europe is the Dutch branch of a Chinese manufacturer of implants, crowns and all kinds of other attributes placed in the mouth by dentists. Modern Dental Europe is based in the Netherlands and has a logistics hub in Alphen aan Den Rijn.

Dentists send their impressions to the hub in Alpen aan Den Rijn, which are then processed here and go to China. In China, based on the impression, the product is made and then the final product is sent back to the dentist.

Problem statement

The ordering process for dentists was through filling in paper forms. This is hugely error-prone, the administrative burden was very high as a result and all forms had to be manually retyped. Modern Dental Europe had several departments at work processing all the paper forms into the system.

Business case

The need to digitise was enormous, for which Modern Dental Europe and Emendis joined forces. We reviewed the outdated process in its entirety and looked at how we could digitise it. We succeeded, dentists can now use a flexible digital system to place orders. Paper forms are a thing of the past!

saas oplossing

A paperless ordering process

The process is now entirely digital. A dentist can easily log in and select the desired workflow so that he can order the attributes he needs. The dentist can see exactly what has been ordered and can easily make adjustments if necessary.

Key functionalities

How do we work?

For Modern Dental, we have a fixed team ready where dedicated scrum hours are taken. The client decides what and when development is done. We unburden the client by having a team ready with back-end and front-end developers, a project manager and UX/UI experts so that the client can focus on the desired functionalities.

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