Emendis helps LG with a custom portal

A portal that streamlines and optimises leads

LG Electronics, is a global player and technologically innovative company within the consumer electronics, home appliances, and mobile phone market. The department responsible for processing leads for air conditioners needed a streamlined process.

Problem statement

The website allowed customers to request a quote to have an LG air conditioner installed. The relevant department had little or no insight into the conversion rate and what was happening to the forwarded leads.

It was not clear whether the installer who was assigned the lead installed the air conditioner and which units he used. It was unclear whether the customer was ultimately satisfied with the service. LG Electronics needed more insight into the lead processing process.

Business case

By thoroughly investigating the process of LG Electronics, we devised a process on how LG Electronics can gain more insight into the processing process. We have developed a custom application for LG:

Lead processing

All information related to leads is transparent in the LG Lead Platform. The new business process works efficiently for LG, installers, and suppliers.

Key functionalities

How do we work?

We have a dedicated agile team working for LG Electronics. The client prioritises the functionality that needs to be developed, and we unburden the client by efficiently managing the project. Our team comprises a project manager, back-end and front-end developers, and UX/UI experts.

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