Fast and error-free inventory with MoversComplete

Fast and error-free inventory with MoversComplete

MoversComplete is a digital software solution that speeds up and simplifies the moving process. Using a fill-in form on your laptop or tablet, you do your move recording on-site at the business or private customer’s premises. The system takes care of the entire removal process automatically – from quotation to order confirmation and work order. This not only saves about 30% in time, but also significantly reduces the risk of error.

The problem

A move, big or small, always involves a lot of work. Think of arranging transport and packing and unpacking household items. Therefore, movers have to take many things into account and this increases the chance of making mistakes. Especially since this is often still done with pen and paper.

Business case

Developing a flexible and accessible system that automates and standardizes the relocation process.

An automated moving process

With MoversComplete, the moving process is fully automated and standardised. Pen and paper now give way to the mover’s laptop or tablet. Necessary data can be filled in easily, after which the quotation is prepared automatically based on the inventory and delivered to the customer. At the touch of a button, the mover sends the order confirmation, and the work order is ready!

Key functionalities

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