Matrix Fitness

Matrix Fitness

Matrix Fitness is currently the largest manufacturer of professional fitness equipment in the Benelux. They supply high-quality fitness equipment to various sectors, including fitness centres, educational institutions, hotels and elite sports facilities.

Problem statement

The problem Matrix Fitness Benelux faced was the lack of an efficient scheduling system. They were still working with a manually maintained Excel sheet, which was updated daily through an export from their CRM system. This method became increasingly problematic as the company grew and the likelihood of errors increased.

Desired Solution

Matrix Fitness Benelux needed an automated planning system that could keep up with the company’s growth and reduce the risk of error. They were looking for a total solution that would allow them to manage all projects, schedule open orders and sub-orders and coordinate with technical (installation) teams and transporters. Moreover, they wanted a well-organised application that met their growth targets and minimised errors.


Emendis came into the picture as the solution for Matrix Fitness Benelux. We helped Matrix Fitness develop an advanced scheduling tool. Although no direct integration with their CRM system was possible at that time, we developed a system that allowed Matrix Fitness to easily upload an Excel file daily into the planning tool to keep it up-to-date.

The solution enabled Matrix Fitness to:

One integrated application

All this was achieved within one integrated application, which helped Matrix Fitness achieve its growth targets and significantly reduced the risk of errors. Emendis helped Matrix Fitness Benelux to optimise their planning and operational processes and be ready for further growth and success. If you would like to know more about how Emendis can contribute to your business solutions, feel free to contact us for more information. We are happy to help optimise and grow your business.

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