Webshop links from Emendis

Webshop links from Emendis

Would you like to expand the functionalities of your webshop? webshop links have been developed for this purpose. Think, for example, of connecting it to your accounting software or systems for stock management or package handling. We at Emendis can help you with this.

But what is a webshop link?

By using a webshop link, you connect your online shop with other software solutions. These can be various tools, such as accounting software, a system for your payment process, CRM systems or even custom-made software. By making this link, you significantly improve the functionality of your webshop. This is because you integrate the capabilities of the linked software directly into your webshop system.

How does linking a webshop work?

An API link makes it possible to connect your webshop to other applications. The process of setting up a webshop connection involves a number of steps. We start with an inventory of the systems and data you want to link. After this, a design is made for the API link, which is then discussed with you to make sure it meets your requirements. After approval of the design, we start developing the link. It is then extensively tested, to make sure it works as it should.

Different types of webshop links from Emendis

There are many different types and these are the main categories we offer:

  • Administration and accounting: When you link your accounting system to your webshop, you will no longer have to enter a lot of data manually. The link can ensure that, for example, all orders are entered directly into the accounts. This not only saves time, but also prevents unnecessary accounting errors. Think of accounting systems such as Exact and AFAS.  
  • Inventory management: To make your business processes easier, a link to your inventory system is very useful. This allows you to display real-time stock on your website, orders can be automatically placed with suppliers and ensures that stocks are always up-to-date and synchronised everywhere.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Improve the user experience by linking a CRM system to your webshop. This allows you to show your customers more relevant products or to automatically fill in data at checkout. Popular platforms for this are; Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or HubSpot. 
  • Enterprise Recourse Planning (ERP): An ERP system is an integrated information and management platform that manages business processes in logistics, finance and administration. The modules of an ERP can be used for various business processes, such as financial administration, product planning, inventory management, sales and marketing. By linking your webshop to an ERP system, you can, for instance, seamlessly integrate order and stock management with your accounting and CRM system.
  • Parcel delivery: Often, parcel delivery companies offer an API that allows your webshop to communicate directly with their parcel delivery system. For example, when you integrate your webshop with PostNL, parcels are automatically prepared for shipping and customers can easily indicate where they want their parcel delivered.

We offer many more links and can realise links to your requirements. Contact us for more information.

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