Software as a Service: A SaaS Solution for Your Business 

Software as a Service: A SaaS Solution for Your Business 

Are you looking for the right SaaS solution for your business? A SaaS solution (Software as a Service) comes with several benefits. A version for all users that you don’t sell, but offer to your customers on a subscription basis. The Emendis team has experience in developing several SaaS solutions. In addition to offering various solutions ourselves, we can also create one for you. 

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – also known as cloud software –  is now mainstream. From large enterprises to tiny shops, cloud software is the standard implementation method for almost every type of business technology worldwide. 

There’s a reason for this. Business applications delivered via a web browser don’t suffer from complex installations or strict contracts. SaaS solutions are paid for over time rather than all at once. This tends to make the systems more flexible and affordable for any budget. 

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Building a SaaS solution

A SaaS solution is an application that can be accessed via a web browser or an application. Having one version means only one version needs to be updated. With non-SaaS products, you sign different licences with customers, which means different updates are requierd. 

Extensive hardware is not required for a SaaS solution. Users of the software can outsource the IT responsibilities normally required for internal problem solving and software maintenance. 

SaaS solutions are usually paid for through a subscription model, while custom software is typically purchased through a licence that must be paid upfront. 

More reasons to choose Emendis: 

  • Users can access the solution from any device. 
  • You don’t need any hardware or software. 
  • No expensive start-up costs. 
  • Flexibility: Adding new users is easy and fast. 

We previously developed the SaaS solution GRIP for KPN. With an online platform, we made it possible to access information and documents in a single environment in the cloud. 

Are you thinking about developing a SaaS solution for your company or organisation?
We can advice you and are happy to help you develop your SaaS solution!

Emendis SaaS Solution

At Emendis, we also believe in standard software solutions and you have the option to subscribe to our products. These include a planning application, event management software, and a catalog generator. Want to know more about our SaaS solutions? Take a look at our services. 

If our standard solutions are not entirely sufficient for your software challenge, we can customize them to ensure seamless integration. At Emendis, we develop software that helps automate, digitize, and optimize business processes. 

SaaS solution or custom software?

The first step in answering this question is to determine the complexity of your business. Answer a few questions about your business to help you determine if this solution is the best choice for you:

  • How specialised is your business compared to others in your industry?  
  • Do standard products provide the functionality you need?  
  • What level of software customisation do you expect to need?  

Don’t forget that at Emendis it is possible to extend your software solution with customisations to meet all your needs. Do you want to develop a solution and then resell it yourself? This is also possible! 

Another factor to consider is your budget. As mentioned above, SaaS helps companies with smaller budgets to spread the total ownership costs over a period of time, allowing even small businesses to adopt robust, modern software. 

SaaS is an ideal IT solution for your organisation

With an increasingly remote and dispersed workfoce, SaaS allows authorised users to access an application from any authorised device. Without having to be behind the corporate firewall. This also enables more real-time collaboration, as SaaS allows simultaneous use of the same tool or document. 

SaaS also offers businesses greater flexibility, as they grow because they only need to pay for the employees who use the software, provided usage is accurately tracked and managed. 

Can we help you develop your SaaS solution?

Do you have ideas for a SaaS solution, or are you looking for ways to optimise your business? We are happy to brainstorm with you. In addition to offering Software as a Service, we also develop web-based software and mobile applications and can make connections with the Internet of Things. In short, for all your automation questions, you can turn to Emendis!  More information? 

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