Gebr. de Mooij Amsterdam

Emendis makes “Fresh Vision” for Gebr. De Mooij Amsterdam

Gebr. de Mooij Amsterdam is a family business with a long history in the AGF sector. The company was founded in 1946 and has specialised in fruit and vegetables ever since. From their location at the Food Center Amsterdam, they act as importers and exporters and are active in domestic and foreign markets.

Gebr. de Mooij Amsterdam

Gebr. de Mooij Amsterdam is driven by quality, professionalism and a customer-oriented approach. Always looking for ways to improve and innovate, the company decided to develop a tailor-made ERP system, Fresh Vision, to optimise their internal processes and continue to meet the changing demands of the market.

Problem statement

Gebr. de Mooij Amsterdam processes large quantities of data on the purchase and sales prices of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. The rapidly changing market conditions require flexible and efficient processing of this data. Purchase and sales prices must be determined and updated daily.


We, together with De Mooij Amsterdam, determined that these specific business processes could not be supported by standard software. We therefore decided to develop a tailor-made software solution to meet the company’s specific needs.


De Mooij Amsterdam has taken a new, advanced and forward-looking step in the digitisation of its business processes by implementing the new ERP system Fresh Vision. This customised software system provides a solution to the challenges of processing large volumes on a daily basis.

What customers have to say

“In this fast-changing and competitive AGF sector, it is very important to keep innovating and investing in the latest technologies. Fresh Vision offers us exactly that and enables us to work even better and more efficiently,” said Danny de Mooij of De Mooij Amsterdam.

Key functionalities

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