The Municipality of Medemblik

The Municipality of Medemblik

The Municipality of Medemblik is responsible for maintaining the region’s green spaces. However, they ran into a problem: the municipality did not keep clear records of its activities and this caused problems in demonstrating the correct spending of budgets. There was also little transparency in timekeeping and inventory, which created a lack of overview and information. To solve these problems, the municipality decided to implement a customised planning system.

Problem statement

The municipality of Medemblik could not properly record its work due to a lack of proper resources. This made it difficult to demonstrate exactly what was happening at the work sites and the municipality could not account for how they had spent the budgets. Moreover, there was little transparency in the time recording and organisational structure, which meant there was little overview and the municipality had no idea exactly how much time a job took. In addition, there was no planned approach and the foreman was indispensable, which posed a risk to the organisation if he were to fall away.


To solve these problems, a custom-made planning system was developed by the municipality of Medemblik.The system included several functionalities, including recording materials and linking hours to work.This provided more transparency in the time registration and organisational structure. Also, all work could now be planned and an inventory management system was built in to handle available materials more efficiently. Furthermore, a PowerBI dashboard had been developed to compare data and create reports. Thanks to the planning system, Medemblik municipality was now able to work more efficiently and had more insight into their operations. The system also makes the organisation less dependent and ensures that information is better distributed across employees and locations.

Key functionalities

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