Rietlanden terminals

Reporting and planning tool for the port of Amsterdam

Reporting tool and ship planning at the Amsterdam port

Rietlanden Terminals BV. has a rich history in the port of Amsterdam and has become a major player in coal transhipment. This international organisation offers its customers a total package in the distribution, handling, and storage of dry bulk. It is also linked to global market development and spread within the energy market.

Problem statement

Rietlanden previously managed and coordinated distribution, handling, and storage in the Amsterdam port using Excel. This Excel file consisted of complex calculations and had many limitations. Besides the static nature of the Excel sheets, Rietlanden could not link systems and assign users(roles), among other things.

Business case

ietlanden Terminals BV. was therefore looking for a malleable software solution in which all the calculations and tabs in Excel were accessible in a responsive application.

Effective planning and reporting

With the development of a reporting tool and ship scheduling, Excel files have given way to an accessible and responsive software solution. With the linking of these applications, the entire workflow runs structurally, complex calculations are automated and made visually transparent, and the planning of machinery and materials can easily be managed.

Key functionalities

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